Has a recent hire disappointed you? 


They painted this beautiful picture of how they would perform, how they were invested in your company’s vision. But it didn’t go as planned.


Are you stuck wondering if they pulled a bait and switch on you? 


And now you’re back to square one. Back on the hiring hamster wheel.


Sure you could blame them, but I know you won’t because you’ve got to get the show on the road! The only reason you failed at hiring is because you didn’t have the right information.


It's time to avoid these mistakes again and confidently interview and hire right for growth.


  • My go-to, fact-finding 15 Interview Questions to Reduce High Turnover [DOWNLOAD] 

  • Candidate responses that are a flaming red flag and responses that you should be excited about

  • How to get information from candidates they would normally be reluctant to share

  • How well a candidate will get along with your team even before the interview begins

  • How to get the candidate to be relaxed and show up as their natural self during the interview

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course for you or your hiring manager

  • SPECIAL ACCESS to my calendar for a one-on-one coaching call to answer any other questions

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